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When in Rome

Repost from Beya, in case some may have missed it. This first chapter is by kariesue

Originally posted by amycat8733 at When in Rome
Captured by the possibilities, kariesue, kickstand75, firedew1 mysra and amycat8733 set out to bring our unique styles to this challenge. Each chapter is by one of us. We hope you enjoy it!

Category: fic
Title: When in Rome
Author: kariesue, kickstand75, firedew1, mysra, amycat8733
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Don’t own them, just borrowing them for a bit of fun
Size: 2709 (this chapter)
Comments: Team Sheppard travels to Belosia where they discover the origin of the Minotaur, but with everything the Ancients did, the truth is worse than the fiction.

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A Short Atlantis Christmas Tale

Here lies a short tale of an Atlantis Christmas. I hope you like it and the art to go with the fic. For those who celebrate, may you have a magical Christmas season this year with your loved ones. :)    **All mistakes and typos are mine. This wasn't beta'd and was written in a few hours this afternoon. Please excuse my "ECU syndrome" (that's excessive comma use syndrome)

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A Little Who Art

A small Doctor Who wallpaper: Because, I think my two oldest daughters needed some cheering up today! Thought I'd share because I believe I have at least one or two of you who like the show on my f-list.

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We Are Soldiers

Been a while, hasn't it? I've been sick most of this month (lovely thing having no insurance and not being able to get to the doctor's, isn't it?) and haven't been inspired by much. Then, firedew1 had to go an post a video of the band Otherwise. And my muse was a little inspired again!

Hope you enjoy this SGA Teamey-Goodness-Fan-Vid (Its official title is We are Soldiers, but SGA Teamey-Goodness-Fan-Vid has a certain panache to it, doesn it?)

I had a lot of fun making it.

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Fun Times

Don't have much time to post on here lately. Real life just seems to have gotten so congested. But since I gave firedew1 a task, I figured I would post mine too. Someone assigned me (mercifully, in her opinion) a number on Facebook yesterday and I needed to post ten random facts about myself. Poor Firedew liked my status and I gave her 15.   So, in interest of all fairness. I see my original ten and raise you five more besides:

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Oh, for the love of Arthur......Part Deux

Guess I'm not quite done with my King Arthur fascination yet. Here's a little fan art to go with a Merlin fic I posted a few weeks ago. :) Aside from the fact that I like the art I did, I'm quite pleased that I was able to manipulate the background of the photo to add the stars and clouds, and coloring. Plus, I got to play around a little with my new water brushes. Bonus!

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Rogue Touch? AKA - X-men for Chicks?

I will wholeheartedly admit that I willingly and quite often read what could be considered "chick-lit" I loathe that term though. Why in the world should a story that's heavy on the romance and/or sex be categorized solely as "chick-lit" is beyond me.

I also willingly admit that I'm a gamer. I'm a comic book reader. I love science fiction and fantasy (I think unicorns still may just exist somewhere!)

But, to mix the two?! Chick-lit AND comic-books? I'm more than a little horrified. Maybe it will surprise me. Maybe it will be done well. Maybe.....but I'm holding onto doubts.  The book in the post title is called Rogue Touch. It's an attempt of Marvel to girly-fy (girlify, girly-fy???! whatever!) the X-Men character Rogue.

Here's the Barnes and Noble link to the book http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/rogue-touch-christine-woodward/1115480917?ean=9781401311025

Rogue was always one of my favorites. She's a little standoffish because of her mutant ability. But she had a huge heart underneath it all and truly wanted to fit in somewhere with someone, but at the end of the day, she was a kick-ass heroine in her own right who greatly added to the team. It's a little bit sad that Marvel thinks a new generation of females needs to meet a Rogue who is marginalized into the chick-lit category when she's so much more than that. Grrrgh.......  

Sigh, I'd have more to say on this but apparently they frown upon people being late to work when one is in charge of the clothing side of the rather large neighborhood Tar-jay! 



Ok, I'll admit it. This is a shameless post to view my new icon I made! :) That's it. Move along, these aren't the droids you're looking for.

Hmmm, I'm still not sure I actually like my new icon. I think the fact that it's a key gets lost in the barely viewable 1x1 space. Thoughts?

Game of Thrones

So.......Red Wedding........  Game of Thrones....... anyone wanna discuss last night's hyperventilation-inducing episode????????  

Oh, for the love of Arthur......

Whew, been a while since I've posted. The end of the school year, working more hours, and the fact that I casually volunteered to be in charge of our church's women's conference in September has taken its toll. Gimp projects were left unfinished, fics started in my head never made it to paper, shows on the DVR piled up, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera......

However, it's June 1st! School is over, and that frees up a lot of my time. Can we say a collective, Wahoo for Kickstand!?

So, DVR'd shows....I'd about a million of them recorded, but not watched. Having finally cleared out my queue, I had one lone show left......Merlin. I delayed it as long as I could, but finally watched the series finale of the bbc show Merlin the other night. I'd initially decided to NOT watch it. Hubs and I have faithfully watched this show over the last few years that it's been on. After my initial "this is so bizarrely corny" reaction, I fell in love. Maybe not with every treatment of the classical Arthurian storylines, but with the chemistry of the cast. With the slow development of this deep and abiding friendship between the crown Prince Arthur and his seemingly clumsy in the closet magician side-kick, Merlin. I stumbled upon a spoiler of the series finale and initially was horrified by what I read, but then decided I couldn't NOT watch it.

Yesterday, as I watched the series finale of a show I'd come to love, I surprisingly found myself bawling like a fan-girl on a big-budget opening movie premiere. Thing was, even though I cried when the King died, and felt Merlin's heart breaking, and saw him waiting as an old-man for the return of his once and future King in present day England, I felt it wasn't enough of an ending. I felt a little cheated. It wasn't enough that we saw Merlin waiting for his beloved friend to come back. I wanted a little more than that after five years of watching these two grow and define a friendship and trust that shouldn't have existed between Master and Servant.

Last night, I wrote a little tiny ficlet with my own alternate ending to the show. I hope you like it. Even if you haven't watched the show, you should probably be familiar enough with legend that you may still like it. :)

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